The Art Of The Hodl Workshop

miami Apr 1, 2021

This April 21st to 23rd. Miami Intercontinental. A crypto experience.

Ok ok ok ok. I know that reads like a movie trailer. :D

But, I think it's gonna be epic. I am PUMPED.

This is going to a BIG unconference. It'll take place in one of the few cities in the world not putting their population under a kind of house arrest.

Miami Florida is open to the world and doing great. So that's where we are going.

In collaboration with, the consulting company where we teach people how to Bitcoin, I'll be doing two workshops.

The Art Of The Hodl, an exclusive presentation for everyone, new and advanced, meant to consolidate the best advice you can get in this industry.


(Check out this video where I talk about it a little more.)

If you want to see it, you'll have to come. You can get 30$ off at with coupon code BeYourOwnVault.

But that's no it! :D We'll also be doing an Advanced Hodl workshop: A deep dive into the 50k to 500k USD hodler tier, where I present my favorite strategy today and where we discuss the realities of deep hodl.

This I expect to be a small group, and a private Q&A session. It will have an add on price, so stay tuned for details.

I hope to see you there!

Details at


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