#SatoshiTorch Cheap Bitcoin Transactions 2021 World Tour

bitcoin May 24, 2021


Cheap Bitcoin Transactions using the magical 'lightning network'.

Below are bitcoiners from all over the world passing forward the Satoshi Torch.
It started with 25k satoshis, equivalent to about 12 dollars at the time. And every Champion that's held it has added 5k satoshis.

How far can it go? What countries will it visit?

Champions Of The #SatoshiTorch


If you'd like to contribute to this spread sheet or help make a website for this, just reach out to me on twitter  @juansgalt.


If you are new to Bitcoin's 'lightning network'

Download the Phoenix wallet on Android

Or Blue wallet on iOS.

And go find the torch!


Juan Galt

#Bitcoin Evangelist. Shitcoin Minimalist. Loss prevention & recovery nerd. Frog connoisseur. Sometimes writes blog posts.

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