I am...

Getting Started Dec 2, 2021

(Originally published on steemit, sometimes during 2018)

For the last 10 years, I considered my self an anarchist and an atheist.

I'm no longer sure.

Nor am I their opposite.

There is a third way.

I am...

An Academic without a university.
A traveler without a home.

A Bitcoiner without much Bitcoin.
A Writer without a book.

I am a lover without a wife.
A father without a daughter or a son.
I'm a romantic that's broken hearts.
A man without a grill or a gun.

(Those last two will change soon.)

I am a thinker of scattered thoughts.
A hunter of many aims too many aims.
Often lost and not lost in the same woods.

I am a cowboy in a concrete jungle.
A meatware mind in cyberspace.

I'm a meat lover who's never killed.
The kind of 'atheist' that sometimes prays.

I'm a Philosopher of dualism.
A psychologist of ancient lore.
An architect of the conceptual.
An economist of thought.

I am a poet of technology.
I psychoanalyze thy blockchains for profit and fun.
I write history that has not happened, but might.
I write lore that has been lived but remains untold.

I am an anarchist among the anarchists.
A snake in their chaotic gardens.
I am the dragon knocking at their door.

I am a Galt without a Gulch.
A king of inner worlds.
My empire is a sapling aspiring to unfold.

My legacy may have been seeded. But the flowers are yet to bloom.

This garden's walls are in quantum flux.

I am a nationalist ignorant of my nation.
I'm an American without its rights (or taxes whoopdi doo).

I will continue to reorder myself, from the chaos in which I was born.
And through the ancient orders that have served me and have not.
Until alignment beams or goes Ka-BOOM.

There is no other way after all.

Forward is the way of the world, whether we like it or not.

Movement is life.

And having wrestled death and come out alive,

...while down and out and under.

Now that I'm up, why not continue to moon?

Rise or die trying...

Up, never-the-less, does often depend on the perspective.

And so...

"Thy must master the meta game."

For only the holistic sustain themselves for long.

The path reveals before my eyes.
And so it may before the world.

Unless, ofcourse, I get hit by a truck.

Knock on wood.



#Bitcoin Evangelist. Shitcoin Minimalist. Loss prevention & recovery nerd. Frog connoisseur. Sometimes writes blog posts.

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