The Great Synthesis and the Birth of the WTF Newsletter

optimism Jul 21, 2022

The next ten years are going to be an endless string of WTF moments.

It's not going to be easy to grow and thrive through the volatility of the markets or the cultural tensions mounting.

However, what else can we do but try? In fact, how could we not try and give it everything? After all, we have the collective knowledge of the human race at our fingertips, and technology that would arouse the envy of the gods.

There’s also a new dream emerging. A child of the American dream. A dream of owning our land, of eating real food that comes from the earth. Real food, not synthetic food, not fake food. A dream of being in harmony with animals as they serve us, and we cherish them. A dream of using technology for prosperity and to lower the cost of living, not increase them. A dream of money that grows in value over time making us wealthier, rather than shrink endlessly into nothingness.


We are also returning to the wisdom of our ancestors, who told us tales with deep meaning. Meaning that we often failed to grasp or, in our ignorance, turned into hardened ideologies of conquest.

Atheists have failed our spirit for too long now—but so have the religious literalists failed to answer the doubts of scientific rigor. A new mindset is emerging through the cracks in these great forces, who have been in conflict now for centuries.

A new great synthesis is likely upon us, even as the world teeters on the edge of war and calamity, so are we seeing an intellectual and spiritual renaissance that can not be silenced. A renaissance made possible by the information age and its bounty.

I could go on about this, and I want to. But that is beyond the scope of this post.

That’s why I'm going to start writing a monthly newsletter, exploring WTF is going on with the world and how to grow through it. Figuring out how to turn the great reset into a great synthesis.

Expect it on the first of every month. I hope you will join me and bring your thoughtful feedback with you. A podcast is likely to follow this newsletter as well, but let's start one step at a time. A link to a private telegram group will be mailed out to all subscribers with every newsletter. (Subscribe to get in on the next one!)

Thank you for reading and all the best to you. And if the HBO show brought you here, welcome, great to have you. : )

Juan Galt.


Juan Galt

#Bitcoin Evangelist. Shitcoin Minimalist. Loss prevention & recovery nerd. Frog connoisseur. Sometimes writes blog posts.

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