The Evil Genius Of Q Anon

philosophy Jan 16, 2021

Let me start by saying that at times, though not always, I believed.

In a small way I still do. Though after the ‘Capitol Siege’ an iconic fail, followed by Donald Trump’s wide scale de-platforming, my faith has collapsed.

And faith it was, for there was never confirmation of Q Anon’s veracity. Not to my knowledge anyway.

None from any source that couldn't be easily faked by this or that intelligence agency.

Never did Trump explicitly accept Q Anon as the guerrilla info war voice it pretends to be. These are the thoughts Trump the president did not dare, air.

As if Trump was one to hold his tongue...

He is nonetheless complicit. His plausible deniability in the authenticity of Q has always been maintained. This, I can only conclude now was intentional. Not because Trump was Q. But because he found it convenient that this popular myth of a secret revolution brewing lifted his fanbase’s morale.

And in the info war, servers are battle ships and morale is strength.

Q Anon also, elevated Trump from a mere mortal to a ‘God Emperor’ of meme-etic omnipotence.

Trump is a great entrepreneur yes, I believe so. I also believe he is a brilliant orator to the masses, the populism he awoke is proof of that. An empathetic elite, the main quality that he has over the media and the Democrats. A quality which the Democrats will never ever admit he has.

It is this empathy that allowed him to reach the great number of 75,000,000 American votes, breaking records of political support and setting the stage for a century of tensions between populism and the corporate political establishment.  

(If you believe the exact opposite of me in regards to Trump, which many do. Then let me say how tragic it is. That we can see each other standing across parallel realities and yet fail to find the truth.)

But Trump was also a playboy, a sinner, a man of flesh and bone. Not the perfect man that Q Anon elevated him to, in this pseudo-religious fantastical way. I fell for it too.

His ego, which has been mocked to a pulp I’m sure also appreciated the myth. It gave everyone involved a sense of faith, a sense of unity in a greater culture war. In a greater plan.

But the truth of Q Anon as it appears to me today, this January 2021 is one of a evil psychological operation of genius manipulation. I am floored by its effectiveness as it may have single handedly defeated MAGA and the Trump movement in this 2020 election.

And all things considered of which there are many, I mean that.

Yes Biden cheated. Yes the media is corrupt to the core. Yes the courts played politics and denied half of America justice. Yes the GOP is full of cowards. Yes the Democrats win by the tyranny of lies, political violence and double standards.

But it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter because we could have been greater. MAGA should have been greater. 75,000,000 Americans (not to count supporters across the world)  could have stopped this blue wave that now casts its shadow over America - and by lack of opposition, the world.

Instead of doing everything they could to Build Right during these 4 years of favorable wind as Trump, his Administration and allies took all the bullets. Instead we “trusted the plan”.

Bullshit. Q anon is bullshit. The plan is a delusion. A cult sustained by convenience. Set up by anonymous opposition to play us like a flute. And it is our fault. We let this happen. We got fooled, we got played. The right, in it’s religious credulity fell for Trump the deity. The 4D chess mastermind with 170 IQ, who plays the media like a fiddle and always thinks further ahead than many of us MAGA plebs can see.

And let me be clear that when I say us, and them. I mean those willing to use any means to reach an end, and those who are not.

This plan that we trusted lulled us into a false sense of security. As we salivated over victory. As we lusted over justice. Justice over a pedophile mafia of elites, controlled by whoever wields that blackmail, like that legendary ring of power commanding those dead in spirit.

We lusted over justice that could only be manifest by we the people through righteous reform.

Instead however, we shared memes online, pumped Q Anon hype and hopium in the form “soon to occur revelations” and pictograms. When the arrests didn’t happen, when the leaks disappointed. When our political enemies gained ground, we ‘trusted the plan’.

And it is this hype and hopium that makes me the most suspicious. Having seen a 8 years of ICO bullshit and marketing hype in the crypto space I am starkly reminded of that simple and now legendary value of the early internet.

Cypherpunks write code. They don't talk about it, they take action.

Q Anon so far is nothing but talk and frankly any action it leads to at this point will be a trap.

Well, now, our choices have been reduced and I believe we must accept temporary political defeat. And this defeat is almost entirely ours to bear except for one person. Trump.

Trump should have popped this bubble. Trump should have rejected Q Anon. Trump should have shaken us from this false sense of security. Yes we need a strong morale to face this onslaught of authoritarianism. But we also need a gut sense of risk and danger.

We needed direction, we needed more than a VOTE. We needed to become the new government and a new society, rather than hope it would follow its alleged laws.

The party of law and order, was betrayed by the law. And now, I have to say it, we must retreat, as order becomes tyranny and chaos the norm.

Sun Tzu (544 BC) I believe would agree. When surrounded, overwhelmed and in enemy territory, retreat. Retreat to territory you control, hold ground and build.

This de-platforming of Trump was the shot heard around the world. A vulgar display of power.

Your voice, as Parler has learned the hard way is transmitted through hostile air lines. We were fighting on the enemy ship and now, we’ve been finally kicked off.

So now what? Now we know, I fear too late that in the information war, servers are battle ships.

Now - I fear too late - we must retreat and Build Right, as what ever is left of Trump’s work during his first term - provides us with some respite.

But make no mistake. The democrats. Big Tech. China. Whomever is floating in glee at our political defeat, will not let us breathe. They will want to punish and make an example of any of us who dared take their power. The US law is now a joke. America has fallen. The United States is a Banana Republic. And the rules apply only to us.

And let me clear it up for you. I do not and can not support political violence.

We can not win by using their tactics or we become them.

This victory against the right, against MAGA was won with lies and political back stabbing strategies. Violence only played a part during riots and Antifa intimidation that of course will be forgiven and forgotten, it will go unpunished as those fools who flooded into the Capitol are hunt down and hung out to dry.

I do not know what the next step is for those of us who believe in a truthful God rather than scientific fascism.
Those of us who believe in family rather than lives of immediate gratification - spent in corporate gulags.
Those of us who believe in freedom rather than technocratic censorship - veiled in political doublespeak.
Those of us who believe in humanity, rather than race victim-hood and gender class struggle.
Those of us who believe in justice and due process, rather than trial by mob and media.
Those of us who believe in hearing the other side rather than character assassination by a rotten press.
Those of us who believe in journalism rather than political activism.
Those of us who believe in truth.

We, the people that carry the spirit of America are now dissidents without a country. Imprisoned in our own homes. Surrounded by a hostile government that accuses us of domestic terrorism for a “mostly peaceful but fiery protest”. While those who burn our streets and break our skulls with bike locks get bailed out by traitorous prosecutors.

I am angry, but I am not without some wisdom. I want to live to fight another day. And I see no reason to think that we are ready for the battle that Q Anon would have us put our faith in.

All I have to say in terms of strategy today, is Build Right. And stop falling for tea leaf signals that are trivial to fake.

And one last thing, Trump is right about one thing. We are large. We are much larger globally than 75,000,000, but as a wise friend of my says. Numbers do no win wars. Strategy does.

It's time to build.

PS: Fascinating account of a very similar psychological operation in the early days of the Soviet era in Russia. Stunning parallels.  



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