SHADILAY THUG LIFE - Augmented Reality Art

Oct 10, 2022

BREAKING NEWS: PEPETHUGLIFE has smoked a fat OG Kush and got so stoned he traveled back in time!

Luckily it got caught on camera for our viewing pleasure.

It is now part of Mikeinspace's Rare Shadilay NFT collection. A set of NFTs made in honor of the Shadilay and other meme frog lore.

Long story short though, the weed-smoking Pepe you might recognize from the OG Rare Pepe collection, has gotten so high he broke through the veil, meeting one of his LONG lost ancestors; SHADILAYTHUG, and bringing him back to us from the forgotten realm.

They are now smoking it up in augmented reality. To join them in AR, point the Artivite app at the resting position of SHADILAYTHUG and enjoy the ride. : ) (iOS, Android)

Now, when I say the PEPETHUGLIFE smoked his way back in time, I mean it. He burned such a fat joint that there is evidence or it, even on the blockchain.

You can see it right here, this particular Pepe got so high he will never come back. His psychonaut trip was such a shock to the space-time continuum, that his mark was left in the past, creating an unbreakable bond between PEPETHUGLIFE and SHADILAYTHUG.

In fact, you can see this mark at the bottom of the SHADILAYTHUG.

As with all magic, something must be given, to get something back.

In exchange for bringing SHADILAYTHUG to our timeline, this psychonaut PEPETHUGLIFE is gone forever. As such, a batch of 36 weed-smoking Shadilays have entered our universe, one for every year traveled in time. They are hanging out at dispensers starting at 55 USD each, the corresponding net asset value of this brave psychonaut Pepe was last known to be roughly worth 2k USD.

You might want to grab one or two of these SHADILAYTHUGs before others do. :)

Dispenser 1:

Dispenser 2:

Dispenser 3:

Dispenser 4:


Juan Galt

#Bitcoin Evangelist. Shitcoin Minimalist. Loss prevention & recovery nerd. Frog connoisseur. Sometimes writes blog posts.

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