nft Jan 30, 2022

Hi everyone. Juan Galt here with another weird NFT experiment. A physical NFT of the 2016 Rare Pepe era, PEPETHUGLIFE.

In collaboration with Johnny Dollar, the renowned crypto artist, this piece, PEPETHUGLIFE INCARNATE I, combines 3 assets into one.

The first is Johnny Dollar's physical recreation of PEPETHUGLIFE.

Hand-made by Johnny Dollar on Museum Grade Acrylic with Archival ink, this piece is attached to an Opendime hardware device which contains a cold storage Bitcoin wallet. Public address 13zbxgCfH6jQgMDKcUimpnTXsEG8SmBtym.

The NFTs will be sent to the address once the buyer confirms delivery of the physical pepe and it's Opendime in cealed condition.

The OpenDime is a hardware wallet device by the ColdCard company, locked with the company’s source available software, firmware and hardware. The private keys of the wallet are not known to anyone until a physical seal on the OpenDime is breached. Making this wallet a physical medium of exchange for Bitcoin bearer assets. For more information go to

Opendime, a Bitcoin medium for bearer instruments. 

Inside this Opendime will be two NTS.

First and foremost, the original PEPETHUGLIFE, from the 2016 Rare Pepe collection.

With a supply of 1 out of 164. This frog has a spot market price of 7k USD on OpenSea as of the time of writing.

Alongside the OG PEPETHUGLIFE will be a signed sub-asset named PEPETHUGLIFE.INCARNATE.I.

This Pepe is a special edition frog signed by me personally and minted with the original address that created PEPETHUGLIFE, as seen below.

This NFT has a non-divisible supply of 1.

This Incarnate frog is stored on IPFS, as well as imgur and on this blog post, immortalizing the asset files. The file has been hashed to the Bitcoin blockchain in two ways, via the Counterparty protocol and with OpenTimestamps.

It's hash is SHA256: 1b6f7155f9b8a71ed8d62b7d9777a725f15b2baf4e54252e352d795a08823767

(Since Imgur compresses its assets files, you should consider the IPFS file the original, especially for OpenTimestamps.)

The PEPETHUGLIFE INCARNATE I, also has the public address of the OpenDime engraved in its's graphic. Creating an unbreakable link with the physical piece made by Johnny Dollar and binding it to a physical medium.

While both these NFTs could be extracted from the Opendime by the owner by breaking the seal of the Opendime, the piece is without a doubt more valuable if kept intact and physical. Keeping the Pepe incarnate and thus the spell bound.

Special thanks to Johnny Dollar for playing ball with this collaboration and to Chris and who will be hosting the auction for it.

The price starts at 10 million satoshis.

All the best to you and let me know what you think. : )

Juan Galt.


Juan Galt

#Bitcoin Evangelist. Shitcoin Minimalist. Loss prevention & recovery nerd. Frog connoisseur. Sometimes writes blog posts.

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