I'm gonna be on HBO tonight...

HBO Jul 10, 2022

Mom I made it!

What's up guys and gals. It's a weird day today. Somehow, I found my way on to HBO prime-time tonight and for the next 6 weeks.

Turns out being a wild card anarchist has its perks.

(Check out this trailer first, and everything will make more sense)

"Unfolding over six years, THE ANARCHISTS chronicles a strange and deadly series of events. What begins as an impulsive one-off gathering, turns into a full-on, annual event, growing in size and attracting sponsorship from crypto-currency companies featuring speakers such as Ron Paul and BitCoin investor Roger Ver. And when rule-avoidant freedom activists come together in one of the most dangerous cities in the world, utopian ideology collides with the unpredictability of human nature. Relationships are fractured, rivalries are forged and ultimately, lives are lost."

I know that sounds dramatic, but the trailer and description are kind of on point.

I have not watched the series either yet. But I believe you can expect solid drama, entertaining madness, and a profound collision of freedom idealism with the worst aspects of our nature. Sprinkled on top some Bitcoin and cypherpunk lore and insights - by yours truly.

"The HBO Original six-part documentary series THE ANARCHISTS, directed by Todd Schramke and produced by Blumhouse Television, debuts SUNDAY, JULY 10 (10:00-11:00 p.m. ET/PT) with new episodes airing subsequent Sundays at the same time on HBO and will be available to stream on HBO Max."

This is no doubt a landmark moment in my life, and I intend to waste no moment of it. So expect some big things from me and this newsletter coming soon. I wish it was ready now, but you know how it is. Everything always takes longer than you think.

Thank you for subscribing to my ramblings and, I hope to make you proud with what's to come.

Juan Galt.


Juan Galt

#Bitcoin Evangelist. Shitcoin Minimalist. Loss prevention & recovery nerd. Frog connoisseur. Sometimes writes blog posts.

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