How To Return To Normal

return to normal Jan 11, 2022

Are you sick of this government overreach? Did you get three shots of the vax and they still want you to wear a mask? Do you fear the encroachment of an outright totalitarian surveillance state? Concerned that the unvaxxed will be wearing a golden star soon?

Ay ay, welcome to the crew. This authoritarian bureaucracy being installed around the world has gone too far. It needs to be stopped and I think it can be done.

Peacefully. Civically. And no, this is not an anti-vax post.

You want to get the vax? get it. You are safe now. Good.

Leave those of us who opt out, the fuck alone.

Let businesses choose who they serve. Get the government out of personal medical choice.

This is a pro-freedom post. This is an anti-lockdown, anti-mandate effort.

Freedom-loving pro vaxers, welcome.

Want to return to normal? to the normal of not having to carry papers like we are living in the rise of Hitler? same. Let's return to normal.


The madness around this virus is sustained by the corporate media. Their bottom line is dependant on views, and fear gets attention. They have been selling big pharma ads to the public for decades and this time is no different.  Do you really think the corporate news are going to bite the hand that feeds them? Why should we expect any truth, specially about big pharma from them?

The corporate media are professional liars, that is the bottom line. And this is the truth all over the world.

The corporate news networks are basically dark magicians casting a spell on the public, through the constant and relentless repetition of spooky words.

Well, two can play that game. We have meme magic.

What do I propose? An internet society of medical freedom evangelism. Memes that dispel the fear and point out the holes in this global policy of medical fascism.

  • We need to liberate people from these masks. They are unconscious programing. Comfort blankets, not unlike those held by children as they separate from mommy.
  • We need to pull the curtain covering the hand of the pharma cartel. A multinational corporate alliance making tens of billions of dollars from the government granted immunity to lawsuits. And government contracts for vaccines.
  • We need to defend medical freedom with the most powerful imagery and persuasion available.
  • We need to stop falling for their trap, and arguing about the merit of vaccines. Getting lost in medical mumbo jumbo.  This isn't about the science of vaccines. This is about the immorality of enforcing them at the point of a gun.
  • We need to teach people how to evaluate basic statistics. Like the relative risk of death of covid and how for most people it is very, very low. Especially compared to other risks.
  • We need to illuminate that those with real risk of death of covid are those already suffering from serious diseases, like diabetes, heart disease, long diseases, and obesity, etc.
  • We need to defend and spread the facts around natural immunity, which is known to be more robust than that granted by these vaccines.

In other words. We need to focus our efforts on "steelmanning" aka,  constructing the highest caliber of arguments for medical freedom.

But what about censorship?

Censorship is effective because we are not focused.

Forget Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube. These are global platforms that dilute our effectiveness. Yeah, the pros can navigate the land mines and they are allies in this duty we have to defend our society and it's freedoms.

But trying to reach anonymous people online is the wrong tactic. Rather than going global in our memetic efforts, we need to go local.

  • Where ever you live, there's going to be people like you. Find them. Ask friends. Begin growing through word of mouth.
  • Build a group focused on your town or city. Use Telegram or signal. If everyone is on Whatsapp, start there and link to a backup group in a better platform not owned by Facebook. Get to know the members, and get organized.
  • Refuse, reject and ban all calls for violence. Only FEDs call for violence.
  • Refuse, reject and ban repeated efforts to turn this conversation into an anti vax movement. That's a trap. This is about medical freedom. For some people, the vaccine makes sense.

This last point is really important, as it is the main line of attack against an effort like this that we can expect.

You can be anti-vax but that's not what this is about. It is about medical freedom. You want to get the jab? get it. I don't care and neither should you. You can talk about the risks and benefits all day. But this is bigger, this is deeper. This is about our natural, God-given, fundamental human rights.

This is about saving our civilization from a profound corruption.

Use your civic power

Once you establish a local community of like-minded people supportive of returning to our normal state of freedom. Then begin to study your local politics.

  • Who in your town or city runs the show? who has the power to change or stall the mandates?
  • Are there small business organizations that might join our cause?
  • Are there politicians that might carry our flag?
  • Are there entertainers that might sing our tune?
  • Are there town halls we can attend to spread our memes?
  • Who are the major proponents of this pharma fascism near you?
  • Identify your friends and your foes and spread the memes.

You might think that this won't work. But as long as we live in anything resembling a democracy, something along these lines will carry power. If peaceful, civic action fails, despite concentrated efforts. Then God saves us all.

Make the best arguments

Let's not underestimate the power of the propaganda we are knees deep in. Even those who share our sentiment, struggle to mount a defense. The powers that be are very effective. We need to meet their challenge.

We may not have the same megaphones, but a small focused group of people with the strongest, most persuasive message can change the world. Especially from the bottom up. We would not be the first to do so and we won't be the last.

  • Hold meetings among members of your local community. Discuss their concerns and what pro lockdown, anti-freedom arguments they hear.
  • Brainstorm how to counter them. Do mock debates and take notes. Remember, our goal is to demonstrate the tyranny behind these mandates and lockdowns.
  • Our goal is to free people to choose. That may mean engaging with the propaganda and talking about the nature of this virus. But avoid getting caught up in science mumbo jumbo.
  • Even though the science is actually with us, many are miss informed about what the science actually is. If you are going to engage in scientific debate, be well prepared.
  • When in doubt retreat to where we are strong. Human rights, freedom, privacy, dignity.
  • Point out the brutal and bloody threats posed by a medical apartheid system run amok.
  • Enhance and elevate the most valid exceptions to vaccines mandates, like those with medical conditions that put them at outsized risk.
  • Point out the discrimination and invasion of privacy inherent in asking someone their medical status.
  • When appropriate use personal arguments, such as " I have a family history of heart attacks, I should not be coerced to increase my own risk of Myocarditis"
  • Aim to arm people with simple, memorable arguments they can easily summon in their conversations throughout their daily life.

Etc. I think you get the picture.

Share your work.

While your focus should be local. Share your process and experiences with the world. Make a telegram channel for your community so that others can learn from your collective efforts. If we do this right. We can turn this tide.

While this article illuminates my general vision for how we can return to normal. This is only a seed of what we can probably achieve. If you'd like to discuss this idea further. I've made a Telegram group where we can plan and brainstorm further and begin to take civic action.

Return To Normal

I'll leave it open for now, if it gets too big, then we'll make a public channel for it and you can take action on your own locally.

Comments are enabled below, let me know what you think.



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