Bounty: Segwit Integration XCP CounterTools [CLAIMED]

bounty Jan 11, 2022

EDIT: This bounty has been claimed! Thanks to whoever contributed to this, Specially JP_J the creator of CounterTools who release the Swgwit export tool on github. This tool lets counterparty users export segwit private keys from Counterparty seeds (which are not bip39 compliant) and import them easily into Electrum.

For more, check out

Hi everyone. This is a quick blog for the javascript developers out there.

I'm putting out a 500 USD equivalent bounty paid in Bitcoin to anyone who can make an upgrade to an open-source Bitcoin project.

CounterTools is a modular JavaScript Bitcoin and Counterparty GUI Wallet.

It is possibly the most advanced tool we have to manage private keys in the counterparty ecosystem.

For those that don't know about Counterparty, it is an ancient layer 2 protocol on top of Bitcoin, where some of the first NFTs were minted. Many frogs live on top of counterparty. However, much of its infrastructure is still stuck in the 2016 era.

Upgrading this tool to support Segwit would be a big boom to the usability and stability of counterparty wallets, supporting more advanced private key handling.

The bounty is twofold:

  • Integrate Segwit addresses into the CounterTools libraries and UX.
  • Add an option for exporting private keys of legacy and Segwit private keys in a bulk format supported by electrum.

The code must be open source and submitted for review and merging to the CounterTools Github, where the maintainer should be able to merge it after review.

Once reviewed I'll pay out the bounty via BTC.

Also note that JP Janssen, the creator of CounterTools has a community crowdfund open to support his work for counterparty.

If you are not a developer but want to support this work and benefit from these upgrades you can donate to him directly and get some of his XCP NFTs and assets as a token of gratitude.

That's all folks. If you have any questions about this bounty, email me at and we'll figure it out.



Juan Galt

#Bitcoin Evangelist. Shitcoin Minimalist. Loss prevention & recovery nerd. Frog connoisseur. Sometimes writes blog posts.

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