bitcoin Nov 3, 2021

A Bitcoin first Rare PEPE NFT explorer.

Hello everyone! I'm excited to finally be able to share this project with you.
This is a monument to Rare Pepes, a gift to the community and an attempt to go further than we've gone so far with Bitcoin denominated NFT art.

Rare Pepe World centers around Rare Pepes, the NFTs that started it all. These frogs which you may or may not have heard of were created and minted on top of Bitcoin from 2016 through 2018.

The recent wave of interest in NFTs has lead to a renaissance in the Rare Pepe world, which has revealed -in my opinion- an infrastructure that is somewhat outdated and needs a revamp. This is my attempt at renewing the experience of Rare Pepes.

Keep in mind that the website is in alpha. In fact. It will always be alpha. :)

We packed so many features into this site that I can't justify explaining every one of them so instead I'll let you explore! But here's some of the top things to look out for.


The first thing you see when you arrive to Rare Pepe World is the Featured Pepes.

This is a place for anyone to bring attention to their favorite Pepes, whether they are the creators of the art or collectors. By clicking "FEATURED PEPES" you'll be taken to a page where you can pay a small flat fee to feature any Pepe you want, on a first come first serve basis.

Below the Featured Pepes you'll find the "Latest Dispensers". This is a grid view of all the recent pepes that have been put up for sale on Bitcoin dispensers.

Bitcoin dispensers are a trustless 'smart' contract created by the late John Villar and J-dog, which functions as a vending machine.  They use the Counterparty protocol and kind of Bitcoin smart contract language.

To buy pepes through a dispenser, send the exact amount of btc to the dispenser address from an XCP enabled BTC wallets like or

Dispensers are not very smart. Make sure you do the math right and check that there's no incoming transactions to it that might take up the available stock you are interested in. Never the less, they are trustless, open source and they work from anywhere in the world. I think that's pretty awesome.

Above every pepe you will see it's asset name. Below it you will see the cheapest dispenser price for that pepe, as well as the total supply in existence of that pepe.

You'll notice that some pepes have a price with a  ⚡️ symbol, others have the Bitcoin in front of the price instead. This is a denomination decision we made to make it easier to experience the prices. If it has a ⚡that means it is denominated in Satoshis, the smallest unit of account of Bitcoin. Today $1 US Dollar is a little over ⚡1000 Satoshis. ️

If instead you see a  in front of the number, it means it is denominated as a full Bitcoin. Any price above 1 million Satoshis will be denominated in BTC. Otherwise it will be shown in Sats.

PEPE Details Page

You can click any pepe and it will take you to the PEPE DETAILS page.

This is the bread and butter of This page is meant to give you the most relevant information about rare pepes.

Here you can get a better look at the pepe you are curious about. Note that you can also click the pepe here and it will expand it into full view.

On the details box, you have most of the information we believe to be relevant and of most value when doing a pepe trade.

Here you can find direct links to most relevant aspects of a rare pepe. Its directory link, Xchain asset details, artist that issued it, current holders and so on. You can also see details about the cheapest BTC dispenser available and a link to it on Xchain.

You'll notice the supply might differ from other sites. That's because we substract assets that are in obvious burn addresses. This is a more accurate representation of the total supply of a rare pepe.

You can learn more about dispensers and the Counterparty protocol at the FAQ.

The artist link takes you to a page which shows all cards minted by that address, a proxy for Artist sets.

Back to the Pepe details page you'll see a few tabs below the pepe. Here you'll see a see a list of Dispensers and other orders, for XCP and PEPECASH markets which you can access via or

The BTC tab shows what the estimated value of one of these units is on BTC as per coin gecko. Prices will vary but this will give you a good idea of their value.

You'll also notice at the top of every page is a search box. This of course lets you search the full #RarePepe collection by name or partial name. There are 1774 of them, so have fun exploring!

You can also paste an address on the search bar which will take you to that address's collection! This way you can admire your own collection on snoop on the pepes held by others! Here's mine:


That's all for now folks! We've been working hard on this site for like 3 months now and there's a lot more to it but I'll let you discover it. Let us know about bugs you find or suggestions you have. If you got questions, check out the FAQ at the bottom of the site!



#Bitcoin Evangelist. Shitcoin Minimalist. Loss prevention & recovery nerd. Frog connoisseur. Sometimes writes blog posts.

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