An Optimistic Future

optimism Feb 6, 2021

"Billionaire capitalists are designing humanity's future. Don't let them" writes Matt Shaw at the Guardian as he paints the future with a medium sized brush of tech billionaires and 'barons' controlling the seas, and building city states in the oceans, space and mars. City states of course where they are kings.

Billionaire capitalists are designing humanity’s future. Don’t let them | Matt Shaw
Tech barons like Jeff Bezos want to colonize space and our oceans. Their visions of the future aren’t public-spirited or democratic

This future Matt Shaw critiques as something to avoid, as a dystopia that goes against 'democratic' values.

I don't disagree with him on the critique, I no more want to be ruled by Biden or Winnie the Pooh than I want to be ruled by Jeff Bezos.

However what Mr. Shaw won't tell you is that democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what's for dinner. Since when is majority rule so heavenly?

What confidence should minorities have on democracy when the masses can be manipulated so easily by corporate media like the Guardian.

Don't forget it is corporate media like the Guardian who kept stories like the Biden Jr. creepy laptop story out of the public eye before the US's election day. Among many other lies of omission and propaganda that finally got the party of corporate tech elites in office, aka the Democratic party and the party of Davos.

This is the party of old school neo-con American imperialism, Wall street and tech censorship.

And Matt dares to position him as the critic of giants? Go independent Matt, go follow in the foot steps of Glenn Greenwald and stop aiding the monopolist corporations you so condemn by giving them your talent.

An Optimistic Future
Distributed And Self Sufficient

All that said, Matt's got an interesting point. Those who invent the future with plausible science fiction, create it.

And so let me briefly lay out a future that is more aligned with what actually gave journalists like Matt the freedom to critic the billionaires while enjoying his Uber delivered  mc-duche frappe, probably somewhere out of San Francisco.

It wasn't democracy that gave us many of the 'human rights' that we struggle to defend in the digital era. It was the idea that there's such universal or objective rights to begin with.

While the American constitution isn't perfect, it brought us here after all as even America faces technocratic rule. It did lay out a foundation of inalienable rights that should not -as a republic- be violated even by a democratic majority.

Some of these 'rights' may need to be updated to deal with the challenges of modernity, as the philosophers of the enlightenment era were brilliant but not clairvoyant.

For example the cartelization of the Silly Con Valley through anti-trust and monopolistic, partisan practices should certainly not be in an ideal future.

In this regard governments with serious anti-trust efforts might be one of few ways that the market - through political will- can correct the excesses of this corporate 'democratic' Davos elite.

Market movements like the GameStop phenomenon would work if the SEC wasn't bought and paid for by the same billionaires in question and their hedge fund buddies.

But there's more. Nature is us. And we are part of nature. This ghettoization of modern life, in these giant cities with tiny apartments. Working from home 24/7 now because notifications don't care about your work hours, while your view from what ever windows you have show little more than jungle of concrete.

The closest thing you get to nature is the near by park that in most parts of the world might be locked down because social gatherings of more than a handful are probably still "illegal" - as if the medical fascism that's gripped the world had any sense of justice.

Meanwhile as I write this I stare at a lemon tree that's probably too big. Behind it some other 'lazy' tree that we had to trim recently because it indeed got too big. It was covering the pink and violet flowers we have planted in our garden from the sun.

The fruits and blooms.

The seeds of these fruits and blooms I wish to be widely distributed in the future I envision. A future that I am working to manifest in my own life first, slowly but one step at a time.

I hope in a non too distant future I will also have solar power, giving me independence from a centralized electric grid that every day carries more risk.

Water? Well many people throughout the world pull the water from the ground, it is literally everywhere if you dare to look, despite local regulator's over reaching restrictions on such use. There's also rain water collection for the use of washing and so on, maybe if it can be purified even to drink as the Mayans did hundreds of years ago in the Yucatan.

Internet? we all know that's an essential now, more important to some of us than even water since without internet there is no moneeey. While you'll be hard pressed to get fiber optic anywhere outside the city core, maybe Elon Musk will deliver us such blessing with this system of internet satellites. Meanwhile I guess we can stick to 4G.

Speaking of money, most of the ills of the world today brought to us by fiat INC, as the rich and powerful print money to bail out their rich and powerful friends, melting whatever meager savings you have slowly but steadily, like an ice cube in a summer day. Bitcoin instead continues to moon.

As far as food goes, it's a lie that there isn't enough land for both humans and our cattle. You could fit all human beings in Texas and everyone would have a football field for their cows to grace.

I'm no vegan. And I will not apologize for seeking to integrate a healthy cow into my life essence via a medium rare steak.

But I'm no enemy of veggies either as our home garden produces about than half of the veggies we eat every day. Perhaps through various technologies we can one day make this 100% of our veggies without becoming slaves to the land.

This is the future I want to defend. The future I want to co-create.

Hopefully with a bunch of kids running around as I enjoy the chaotic peace of family life, rant on my blog and milk some good Bitcoin trades on our journey beyond the moon.

I hope this vision of the future gives you more optimism than a dystopia ruled and enforced by a sold out 'libertarian', corporate, and 'democratic' elite.



#Bitcoin Evangelist. Shitcoin Minimalist. Loss prevention & recovery nerd. Frog connoisseur. Sometimes writes blog posts.

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