About Juan Galt

Hi! I'm Juan Galt.

I've been teaching people about Bitcoin since 2014.

As a broke 20 year old, I got lucky enough to fall down the libertarian rabbit hole early, becoming a student of Austrian economics and philosophy very early on, as well as developing a keen interest in psychology. All of this somehow lead me to Bitcoin at the beginning of my professional life. I had no money to invest in it (so no I'm not rich, yet) but I had lots of energy!

I then got lucky once again by moving to Toronto, the financial capital of Canada, at a time when It's Bitcoin community was moving at full speed. I got to spend 2 years meeting every week with some of Bitcoin and Ethereum's brightest, including Anthony Di Iorio, Vitalik Butterin, Peter Todd, Michael Perklin and many others who had a deep impact in my view and understanding of the Bitcoin industry.

From there I started writing and soon became a 'crypto journalist'. My first article was published on blogger.com (remember that?). It reported on an invention made by Amir Taaki that would later on become Open Bazaar. It was a decentralized form of ebay on top of Bitcoin. Seeing Amir create this during a hackathon inspired me. It gave me a taste of what was possible and what the world could become. So I kept writing.

Soon I had written over 150 articles and had been published in multiple -top brand- online publications. Including Bitcoin Magazine, CoinTelegraph, NewsBTC.com, and Bitcoin.com.

As the 2014 bear market raged on, I decided to take my knowledge and the savings I had and move to Mexico escaping the Canadian winter and ridiculous rent prices. I joined an 'anarcho-capitalist' community in -allegedly- the 4th most dangerous city in the world, Acapulco, Mexico.

There I begun teaching Bitcoin over the internet to anyone who would pay me for my time, starting what eventually became my consulting business BeYourOwnVault.com. I ran this consulting company until mid 2021, when I went independant with JuanGalt.com.

In Acapulco I learned a ton as I wrote articles, started trading cryptocurrencies actively and did what I could to stack sats while hanging out with like minded people and writing articles about Bitcoin and crypto in general.

Oh yeah, I also started a Youtube channel and interviewed a ton of people.

Eventually I even did some market analysis for the financial newsletter, TheDollarVigilante. I considered my role to teach their readers how to think about these thousands of 'altcoins' and 'cryptocurrencies'.

The funny thing about those times is that everything was going up. The question was not, 'are you gonna make money?' but, is it going to last?

I was very critical of altcoins and 'cryptos' by that point. Having been involved in a few of them as a community member, I had seen the customer support nightmares that many of these coins have to contend with. I was also realizing that the technical merits, security and decentralization of most of these coins was profoundly disappointing and deceptive.

These were the times before "The Great Bitcoin Fork War"

To give it a dramatic name.

Roger Ver and the Bitcoin Cash proponents were getting more and more serious as miners from the east -and the mining pools they hashed with- signaled for a version of Bitcoin that the west did not believe in. Not unlike today (2021) a profound difference in values was manifesting in the market place between these two powers and soon enough the epic fork occurred. I wrote a variety of newsletters for TheDollarVigilante on the topic which I may make available to my subscribers in the future. But needless to say I made a choice as to what Bitcoin's best future ought to be and through either luck or wit, I got it right.

Bitcoin as we know it today remained  and Bitcoin Cash forked on, and on and on, until there was almost nothing left of the value it once held.

By this point I had learned so much about Anarcho Capitalism and their world that I needed a break. The 2017 bull market had raged on for a while now, so I took packed my bags and went traveling.

I visited many of the friends I'd made over the years including Gary Lachance the creator of the amazing Decentralized Dance Party out of Vancouver.

I also got to participate in the one and only Dogecon, a crypto conference unlike anything else I've seen since, which combined a love for Bitcoin, Ethereum, crypto art and memes into one big party. An event which we might not see again for a long time.

I'm proud to have played a role in that event and have a short video of a speech I gave to show for it. This was during a portion of the conference called the "State Of The Doge" where community leaders from many distributed walks of life gave short speeches about topics deemed to be their expertise. Mine was security, and so I waxed on philosophically, inspired by the amazing people I was surrounded by.

After Dogecon I hopped around some more eventually making my way to Riga, Latvia in eastern Europe! For the epic Honey Badger Bitcoin's conference. This was an amazing event, I'm so glad I got to attend. The quality of the content was in stark contrast to every other 'blockchain' and 'crypto' event anywhere else that year, as Bitcoin was drowned out by the paid altcoin promotions and ICO madness.

Honey Badger had set its self up as a Bitcoin only conference in 2016 and in 2017 they hit it out of the park again. That conference hosted some big deal announcements and epic speeches such as Jameson Lopp's guide to extreme opsec, as well Francis Pouliot's story of how he had to reinvent business grade Bitcoin infrastructure to defend it from the Bitcoin Cash fork.

Watching Francis's speech solidified an idea I'd been playing with. Someone needed to try and document the Bitcoin 'civil war' and maybe I was the one who had to do it. So inspired by his talk I started interviewing people on the topic, leading to a series of videos which now serve as a glimpse into an important moment in Bitcoin history.

Anyway, this about page has turned into a small auto biography. If you want to pick my brain about #Bitcoin, hit that contact button at the top of this site!

All the best.

Juan Galt.

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